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Coronado as an inspiring source of development in the area has more than 7 Plaza de Mall and various shops in its surroundings where you can find great brands to meet the needs of the area such as: Supermarkets Rey 24 hours, large stores with a variety of products such as El Machetazo, large and renowned hardware stores such as Novey, Hopsa and Cochez, an immense variety of national and international restaurants such as Delicias Margot, Chef’s Corner, Chachos Grill, Luna Rosa, Big Loster, Don Lee, Mc Donalds , Subway, Cafeterias and Bakeries; liquor stores such as Felipe Motta Wine Store; Convenience stores for everything you’re looking for in accessories for your cell phone, beachwear, shoe stores like Crocs; Mechanical services and accessories for cars such as Autocentro, Tambor, El llalantero, Durallantas; Veterinary Clinics such as Happy Pets and Melo, laundries; Medical clinics and a large San Fernando Hospital with state-of-the-art technology to provide a better health service. These and many other shops, only here in Coronado! Coronado has it all … you just miss it!

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